iTools provides automated, real-time business intelligence and reporting at both a strategic and tactical level.

The Need for True Business Intelligence

Managing the operational performance of large, dynamic workloads spread across multiple teams and contractors can be a big problem for network operators.

Without immediate access to accurate information that can easily be shared, as and when required, network operators simply can’t perform. 

Such information gaps delay progress, breed poor communication and decision-making, and result in unnecessary costs and risk.  



iTools for Business Intelligence

iTools contains a rich library of user-configurable reports and charts which allow you to understand your true operational performance. It ensures you’re always in control so you know where you can improve and how to eliminate risks. 

With iTools, the following types of questions can be instantly answered:

  • Service – how well are we meeting our customer commitments and internal delivery targets?
  • Productivity – how effective are our operational teams and what’s our workload capacity?
  • Risk – what is our forecasted future performance and where are we exposed?

Crystal Clear Information at Your Fingertips

iTools provides you with the immediate visibility of information you need to drive quicker, more informed operational decisions.

Core capabilities include: 

  • Multi-level business intelligence - from strategic, corporate overviews to tactical analysis
  • Easy to configure personal dashboards and self-serve reporting
  • Automated 'traffic-light' reporting based on easily-defined business rules
  • Ability to create standardized dashboards at any level (based on workflow, team, individual, etc.)
  • One-touch data import & export using common industry tools  
  • Easy integration options for automated data sharing across other systems
  • Combination of both lead and lag key performance indicators (KPIs)

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