iTools delivers increased quality, compliance and operational control through the standardisation of rules-based processes.

The Need to Say It, Do It & Prove It

For network operators, compliance is about being able to perform their work and manage their assets in a way that is safe, reliable and sustainable.

But it must also be efficient; otherwise the cost of achieving compliance - not to mention operational excellence - quickly becomes excessive.

And with operators now being forced to navigate increasingly complex regulatory requirements, the need for an integrated approach to compliance has never been greater. 



iTools for Compliance Management

iTools helps network operators consistently manage, achieve and demonstrate compliance - all in a highly-efficient way. 

By centrally organizing, tracking and coordinating activities, procedures and documents, iTools mitigates risk and drives operational excellence. 

But iTools also offers an integrated approach to compliance where requirements are managed and data captured as part of the operational workflow itself. 

Integrated Compliance 

iTools offers a collaborative, workflow-based approach to compliance and operational excellence. 

With iTools, the “say it, do it, prove it” maxim is taken care of as part of performing the work. 

iTools offers the following compliance management capabilities:  

  • Store evidentiary compliance data and documentation alongside the related work/asset
  • Consistently measure and demonstrate compliance with automated reporting
  • Proactively identify and resolve compliance issues with automated alerts and escalations
  • Provide a real-time view into compliance status and trends with powerful dashboards
  • Proactively manage risks and jeopardies associated with any project or workstream
  • Leverage historic, time-stamped information in support of audit activity
  • Easily schedule, assign and monitor compliance-specific workflows and tasks
  • Achieve high-quality right-first-time execution with standardized workflows 
  • Preload and schedule future compliance requirements (e.g. like inspections and maintenance jobs) so they are never forgotten
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