iTools removes the barriers to effective contractor management by providing a shared, collaborative platform that’s effortless to use.

The Need for Collaboration & Transparency

With network operators now contracting out more of their work, their business models are changing fast.

However, many are failing to realize the benefits anticipated from outsourcing - suffering from cost-overruns and delivery delays.

In order to achieve the anticipated financial benefits, network operators must remove the barriers to effective contractor management. 

This means they must establish simple but robust operational processes that make it easy for all parties to succeed. 



iTools for Contractor Management

iTools helps network operators realize the cost-benefits of outsourcing without having to accept a decline in the speed or quality of the work.

iTools is a collaborative platform where the network operator and its contractors work in unison to deliver against a common set of optimized workflows. It streamlines and strengthens the underlying processes, removes bottlenecks and ensures seamless communication between the parties.

iTools also reduces the reporting and administrative burden on the contractor so they can focus on getting the real work done.


Contractor Management Made Easy

iTools offers the following contractor management capabilities:

  • Collaborative operational platform where the network operator and its contractors work in unison
  • Process clarity and consistency where all parties know what needs to be done and by when
  • Single source of truth so there is no ambiguity in terms of performance or progress
  • Integrated business rules engine to automate workflows and establish greater control
  • Automated reporting that drives execution, informs on progress and calculates contractor performance
  • Comprehensive audit capability so job history is never lost
  • In-built document management so supporting files can be accessed and shared instantly
  • Fully-integrated administrative processes (contractor change-requests, payment approvals, variations, etc.)

To find out more about how iTools can help with contractor management, please don't hesitate to contact us.  

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