Operational Excellence in Network Management

Within a regulated industry like electricity, operational excellence is critical in the balancing act between keeping consumer prices down and shareholder value up.

But external forces are placing major hurdles in the way of electric utilities with market reforms combining with new technologies and increased competition to create a hugely challenging environment. And with outdated systems, coupled with inefficient processes, many utilities simply can't adapt quickly enough. iTools provides electric utilities with rapid, low-cost solutions that help them meet these challenges.

Our solutions allow electric utilities to streamline their operational processes, improve service performance and lower operating costs. iTools helps electric utilities achieve the following improvements:

  • Strengthening business oversight with better, more effective reporting capability that speeds up the decision-making process
  • Streamlining business performance and improving internal collaboration through better workflows
  • Building a results-driven framework to improve productivity and support better internal and external communication

iTools utility solutions span the network lifecycle - from infrastructure build & upgrades through to maintenance & restoration. Specific examples include:

  • Smart grid & smart meter deployments
  • Infrastructure upgrades & extensions
  • Network damages & restoration
  • Asset maintenance & replacement

By streamlining processes and information, iTools improves efficiency and ensures network operations are managed more effectively.