Telecom New Zealand is the country’s largest publicly listed company.

Telecom was mandated by the New Zealand government to deliver increased broadband speeds to at least 80% of households. Crucially, the contract was subject to hefty financial penalties if delivery timeframes were not met.

Realising it would require a massive increase in productivity to meet the deadline (and avoid contract penalties) Telecom turned to iTools for help.

The Project

Telecom installed 3,600 cabinets and 2,500 kilometres of fibre optic cable across New Zealand to enable the delivery of broadband speeds of between 10Mbps and 20Mbps to over 80 percent of New Zealanders.

The Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC) project involved a 700-strong team of solution specialists, field service engineers and project managers - all working together to ensure the successful delivery of the largest infrastructure project New Zealand has ever seen.



The Challenges

  • Initial speed of implementation meant it would miss the project deadline and incur penalties
  • Document management was proving to be a huge burden on the project team
  • The level of reporting provided by the field contractors was failing to give Telecom the information it needed
  • Implementation was taking place on an ad-hoc basis with no standard process
  • Reporting and administrative costs were too high
  • Untimely and inaccurate communication between Telecom and its field contractors was causing contract disagreements

The Solution

Following a formal tender process, Telecom selected iTools to streamline the process of scheduling, delivering and reporting on the project.

The iTools Telecom solution was phased in over a 3-month period to over 500 operational staff and contractors by way of road-shows, team training sessions and power-user short courses.

Rapid utilisation of the iTools solution was achieved due to the tool’s ease-of-use and an immediate increase in productivity. 

The Benefits

  • Productivity gains – prior to iTools, Telecom was implementing approximately 90 cabinets per year. Post-implementation - and with the same sized team - deployment increased to 1,200 per year!
  • Cost savings – productivity improvements reduced the need to employ 12 additional project staff, saving over $1m per annum.
  • Improved contractor performance - iTools improved the communication processes with the various contractors and third-parties as everyone was using the same system and had visibility of the same information.
  • Reduced overheads - there were major reductions in administration and management overheads with all documentation held online and all parties having access to the same information.
  • Process efficiencies – the deployment was quickly operating in a highly efficient and systemized way. 

The Result

The project was deemed an unprecedented success with all targets and objectives met. 

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