iTools enables process optimization where waste is eliminated, manual tasks automated and bottlenecks removed.

The Need for Speed & Efficiency

To remain competitive, network operators need their business processes to be dynamic and efficient, yet well-controlled. 

However, many operators are still needlessly relying on human intervention to drive their processes and perform steps that could easily be automated.

This results in an overhead of inefficiency, combined with a lack of progress and control.

Now more than ever, network operators need to be able to rely on processes that are super-efficient, yet highly-practical.   



iTools for Process Management

iTools process management capabilities ensure tasks are completed better, faster and cheaper.  

The solution contains an easy-to-use workflow engine that allows network operators to build and deploy processes that fully support their asset management lifecycle needs.

Then, using the iTools business rules engine, those processes are easily optimized by automating steps and, where necessary, building in controls.

With iTools, there's no need to become a process-guru or to have to learn a particular modeling notation.

iTools keeps process management 'real' so everyone can understand - and embrace - how things need to be done. But it also offers extensive capability to streamline operations by replacing manual effort with automation.

In doing so, individuals are freed-up to focus on value-add activity that generates results.


Beautifully Simple, Optimized Workflows

iTools offers the following process management capabilities:  

  • Easy to configure and maintain workflows that mirror specific operating requirements
  • Integrated business rules engine for automation and control
  • Full audit trail so you never lose sight of who did what, when
  • Integrated document management so you can attach supporting files to any type of task or work package
  • Automated reporting so you know how your processes are performing and where the issues are
  • Easy integration with other systems so data can automatically be shared and other core systems kept in sync

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