iTools reduces project management and administration costs - including analysis, reporting, document management and communication.

The Need for Agile Project Management

Whilst the majority of network operators still believe in the benefits of solid project management, many are disillusioned with high resource levels and a perceived lack of value.  

Rather than accepting project management as a necessary overhead, they are now demanding it to be a catalyst for greater agility and faster execution.

Removing Needless Complexity

One of the biggest inhibitors operators face is their over-reliance on complex project management software that requires a lot of heavy-lifting just to maintain the system.

These solutions also impede wider collaboration; instead relying on a small minority of 'professionals' who live and breath the discipline on a daily basis.

This results in an overhead of inefficiency, combined with a lack of progress and control.


iTools for Project Management

iTools brings a fresh approach to project management - being more focused on execution.

It gives network operators everything they need to manage large, complex projects - but in a refreshingly simple way.

And whilst robust controls and risk management disciplines are clearly important, with iTools they are performed in a more agile way.

Unlike other solutions that actually slow down the process - or need an army of PM professionals to administer - iTools allows network operators to break free from the shackles of ineffective processes.   

Everything You Need; Nothing You Don't

iTools offers the following project management capabilities:

  • Flexible, hierarchical data structure supports any number of programs and projects all in one system
  • Easy-to-use business rules engine automates project control and risk management disciplines
  • Integrated workflow capability puts greater focus on project execution and exception-handling
  • Comprehensive business intelligence suite provides flexible, automated project reporting
  • Integrated document management allows associated files to be stored and accessed against the project
  • Full audit capability ensures historic project actions and discussions are never lost
  • Collaborative platform allows third parties to seamlessly execute their project responsibilities
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