The iTools Electric software solution helps electric utilities build, operate and maintain their transmission and distribution networks more profitably.

Why Work Management Matters

Electric utilities face a number of challenges - their workforces and infrastructure are aging rapidly; competition and regulation are both increasing; and consumers are demanding newer technologies.   

So whilst utilities need to keep investing in their networks, they must do so in a more productive way.

They need to find smarter, more efficient ways of building and managing their networks. 

A critical component of this is how good their operational processes are and how well the work gets done.  



iTools for Electric Utilities

The iTools Electric software solution helps utilities optimize their asset management lifecycle workflows.

It allows utilities to replace costly dysfunction with a streamlined process where every job is performed better, faster and cheaper. 

The solution also offers comprehensive contractor and compliance management capabilities, all seamlessly supported with automated business intelligence.


Usage Examples

The iTools Electric solution provides full lifecycle support - from infrastructure build & upgrades through to maintenance & restoration programs.

Specific examples include:

  • Smart grid & smart meter deployments
  • Infrastructure upgrades & extensions
  • Network damage & restoration
  • Asset maintenance & replacement

For more information on how iTools helps electric utilities realise tangible benefits, please don't hesitate to contact us

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