The iTools Gas software solution enables the faultless execution of both large, capital projects and more routine operational processes.

The Need for Operational Excellence

With the gas industry currently experiencing huge change and uncertainty, network operators know they need to operate more rapidly, more efficiently and more sustainably than ever before.

However, many are struggling to transform their operations; instead relying on expensive manpower to compensate for inefficient processes.  

Now, more than ever, best-in-class work management is needed as the operating environment becomes more uncertain.



iTools for Gas Utilities

The iTools Gas software solution enables the faultless execution of all types of work - from large, capital projects to more routine operational processes.

The solution replaces costly dysfunction with a streamlined process that improves delivery performance and mitigates risk. 

It also lends itself perfectly to situations involving multiple partners, service companies and contractors.


Usage Examples

The iTools Gas work management software provides network operators with full asset management lifecycle support.

Specific examples include:

  • Transmission & distribution construction projects
  • Pipeline upgrades & extensions
  • Leak assessment & repair
  • Asset maintenance & replacement

For more information on how iTools helps gas utilities optimize their work management processes, please don't hesitate to contact us 

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