The iTools Telecom solution helps network operators streamline their critical network management lifecycle processes.

Deliver More With Less

As competition increases and customers become more demanding, telecom network operators are faced with the challenge of meeting potentially conflicting goals.

In order to maintain shareholder value, they must continue investing in their networks and improve service performance. But with margins shrinking, they must also find new ways of driving down costs. 

The answer lies in their ability to remove waste and inefficiency from their core business processes - in order to deliver more with less.



iTools for Telecom Network Operators

The iTools Telecom solution provides operators with an effortless way of building, operating and maintaining their network.

The solution allows network operators to streamline their day-to-day activities through automated workflows and reporting. It also provides the capabilities needed for effective project execution and contractor management.


Network Management Lifecycle Support

The iTools Telecom software spans the network management lifecycle - from construction through to service fulfillment and assurance processes.

Specific usage examples include:

  • Infrastructure rollouts, including FTTx, HFC, mobile & backhaul
  • Service provisioning & fulfilment
  • Network assurance, including proactive & reactive maintenance
  • Network damage & repair

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