iTools provides work management software for utilities and telecom operators looking to improve their delivery performance and lower costs.

Our solutions combine proven industry 'know how' with highly-configurable functionality.

They include comprehensive workflows and business intelligence that are easily customized to meet a network operator's specific requirements.

Industry Solutions

iTools addresses the need for agile, low-cost work management practices that help utilities and telecom operators build, operate and maintain their networks more profitably.

Our solutions allow network operators to optimize their asset lifecycle workflows so every job can be performed better, faster and cheaper.



Powerful Work Management Made Easy 

For asset-intensive utilities, operational excellence is a key driver of profitability - especially since up to 50% of operating costs can be avoidable waste.

iTools industry solutions eliminate waste and inefficiency from network operations. This not only reduces operating costs but also enables improved delivery performance and more effective compliance management.


Industry Solutions

Telecom Network Operators

The iTools Telecom solution helps network operators streamline their critical network management lifecycle processes.



Electric Utilities

The iTools Electric software helps electric utilities build, operate and maintain their transmission and distribution networks more profitably.



Gas Network Operators

The iTools Gas software solution enables the faultless execution of both large, capital projects and more routine operational processes.


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