Say goodbye to delivery delays, cost overruns & irate customers.

Now, more than ever, network operators need to drive down costs whilst continuing to improve delivery performance.

The iTools’ solution tackles that strategic imperative head-on.

iTools allows network operators to replace costly dysfunction with an optimised process where every task is performed better, faster and cheaper.

And unlike other solution providers who struggle to back up their bold marketing claims, we can show you exactly where those financial benefits will come from.

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iTools combines the powers of no-code process automation with intuitive project execution – all in the same solution.

The platform also offers comprehensive contractor and compliance management capabilities, all seamlessly supported with automated business intelligence.

The result is a solution that enables operators to rapidly implement agile, low-cost work management practices, but without compromising their compliance obligations.   


It doesn’t matter whether it’s building, operating or maintaining your network, iTools can optimise any of your various work programmes.

Of course, true optimisation can only be achieved when the work and affected network assets are seamlessly integrated. 

Yet, for many operators, their asset management systems and processes are largely disconnected from the work taking place on those assets.   

Not so with iTools, where the assets and the work co-exist so the underlying processes can work ‘as one’.   


The iTools Gas software solution enables the faultless execution of both large, capital projects and more routine operational processes.

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iTools Telecom optimizes network build, service assurance & fulfilment activities for FTTx, cable and mobile networks. 

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The iTools Electric software helps electric utilities build, operate and maintain their transmission and distribution networks more profitably.

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Why use multiple systems when one will do?  

iTools combines the essential components needed for automated work management into one powerful solution that can be used across all your major workstreams. 

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Compliance Management
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